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Short Term View of Target Date Funds Misleading


Criteria used to evaluate retirement funds, especially Target Date Funds (TDF), should be different than for other types of investing. But, according to a survey conducted late 2015 by ...

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The Danger with Target Date Funds

Broken road

In a “set it and forget it” world, target date funds (TDFs) for defined contribution plans seem like a perfect solution. With an almost $800 billion in DC assets ...

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TDFs Post First Annual Loss Since 2008

Dow Chart

For the first time since 2008, Target Date Funds (TDFs) posted an annual loss. According to the Callan Target Date Index, the median TDF dropped .86% though gains of ...

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Making Target Date Investment Data More Useful

Wrong target

Fred’s Take: When it comes to evaluating investments in defined contribution (DC) plans, HR and even finance people can get overwhelmed. With an estimated 70-80% of new contributions going ...

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Participants Not Properly Using Target Date Funds

Looking forward

Target Date Funds (TDF) are meant to be an all in investment using a well-diversified and balanced portfolio of investments that change as people get closer to retirement. Yet, ...

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IRA Rollovers May be a Bad Idea

With Super Bowl 50 coming soon and the ads that are sometimes more entertaining than the game, it’s time to think about why IRAs may not be a good ...

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