Zen and the Art of 401k Maintenance

401k Maintenance

Noted NY Times money columnist Ron Lieber has some simple but difficult advice for people saving and investing for retirement – do nothing. Or, even easier, do not pay ...

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More Investors All In on TDFs


Millennials Show Big Increase in Adapting to TDFs Fidelity Investments, which manages the defined contribution plans for almost 20 million participants representing about 25% of the market, released their ...

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What are the Most Popular Funds in 401k Plans?

According to research firm EBRI, equity funds are the most popular 401k investments as of 2014 but balanced funds like target dates (TDFs) are quickly picking up steam especially ...

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Use of Proprietary TDF’s Waning


According to a survey by SEI with 230 defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors in late 2015 with between $25 million and $5 billion, the use of TDF’s (target date ...

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More Plans offering Brokerage Windows

brokerage window

According to an Aon Hewitt study reported in the Wall Street Journal, more defined contribution plans like 401ks are offering a brokerage window. While costs are higher for participants ...

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Making Better Decisions: Prudently Selecting a QDIA

Selecting a QDIA

Fred’s Note: A 401k or 403b plan’s default option or QDIA is probably the most important investment decision a plan sponsor will make especially with more companies deploying auto-enrollment. ...

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ETFs Seem Perfect for 401k Plans, Except…


ETFs or exchange traded funds offer an inexpensive investment with greater transparency than traditional mutual funds using passive strategies that have been wildly popular for individual investors, especially high ...

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Target Date Funds the Next Lawsuit “Target”?

Target Date Funds

Will target date funds (TDFs) be the next subject of the next wave of 401k lawsuits? An expert predicts that the combination of the new DOL conflict of interest ...

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