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401k Loans – New Guidance Issued by IRS

401k Loans IRS Guidance

401k Loans – new guidance issued by IRS. 401k Loans can be troubling for 401k and 403b plans with administrators concerned about the burdens and costs to the plan ...

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Temporary Employees Can Throw a Wrench In 401k Plan Testing

401k plan sponsors who contract with third party employers and have temporary or “leased” employees on staff should be aware of these individuals’ potential impact on their retirement plan. ...

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DOL Audits: What Triggers Them and Time Spent

DOL Audits

DOL audits are never fun but they are made worse when a new administrator of the company’s 401k plan just takes over and has to put together information maintained ...

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401(k) Plan Litigation Protection

401(k) Plan Litigation Update A day does not go by that we don’t see a new lawsuit targeting 401(k) plans. Litigation appears to target some obvious weakness in how ...

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Knowing Your Plan Document – if not you, then Who?

managed accounts

The Plan Document of a company’s tax qualified retirement plan is the governing document outlining what actions may be taken in the effort to administer the plan.  Plan Documents ...

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Keeping DC Loans and Hardship Policies in Compliance

DC Loans

DC loans and hardship requests can be problematic for administrators at companies that sponsor a defined contribution (DC) plan like a 401k or 403b but they are a fact ...

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