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6 Common Retirement Plan Committee Pitfalls

Retirement Plan Committee Pitfalls

6 Common Retirement Plan Committee Pitfalls. Retirement plan committees are created with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, however, to paraphrase the inimitable Shakespeare, like true love, ne’er does their course ...

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TIAA Sales Practices in Question – NY Times

TIAA Sales Practices

TIAA may be in hot water, according to a recent New York Times article. The New York attorney general has subpoenaed documents and information related to dubious sales practices ...

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Plan Sponsors: Don’t Forget Those Annual Plan Notices

Plan Sponsors

Plan Sponsors: Don’t Forget Those Annual Plan Notices. The 2017 plan year is winding down, so it’s a good time for defined contribution plan sponsors to look ahead and determine ...

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DOL Disclosure Requirements – Fiduciary Rule

DOL Disclosure Requirements

DOL Clarifies Disclosure Requirements and Investment Recommendations for Fiduciary Rule. Though the DOL’s conflict of interest rule went into effect June 9, 2017, questions remain about the rule, the Best ...

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Penalties Hit ERISA Plans in Spite of CPA Audits

Penalties Hit Erisa Plans

Penalties Hit Erisa Plans In Spite of CPA Audits By Roland Criss. The Department of Labor (“DOL”) assesses significant penalties for an improperly filed Form 5500. Mistakes on an ...

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