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Fiduciary Traps for 401k and 403b Plan Sponsors

Fiduciary Traps and Tips

Fiduciary Traps for 401k and 403b Plan Sponsors. A noted large market consulting firm developed a list of 8 fiduciary traps and tips for 401k and 403b plan sponsors which ...

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Avoid Costly Penalties for Late Form 5500 Filing

Avoid costly penalties for late form 5500 filing. In addition to the many other local, state, and federal filings, businesses with benefits plans may be required to file an ...

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401k Lawsuits: A Big and Booming Industry

Perhaps adding fuel to the fire, the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) highlighted the rash of lawsuits filed against 401k and 403b plan sponsors and providers. With lawsuits now ...

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The Upside of 401k and 403b Lawsuits

While it might be sacrosanct to even mention that lawsuits might actually be benefiting defined contribution plan participants like the recent Pension & Investments editorial suggested, it’s hard to ...

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Handling a DOL Audit

DOL Audit

So what happens if your defined contribution (DC) the subject of a DOL audit? What should you expect and what should you do? A Pittsburgh based TPA provides some ...

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