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Managed 401k Accounts in DC Plans a Ticking Time Bomb?

managed accounts

As 401k and 403b providers slowly, and sometimes reluctantly, begin to use data and technology to provider better retirement solutions to defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors and participants, the ...

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401k, 403b and IRA Assets Surging in Latest ICI Report

According to the Investment Company Institute (ICI), U.S. retirement assets topped $26 trillion in Q1 2017 growing 3.2% from the previous quarter led by defined contribution (DC) plans like ...

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What is an Investment Policy Statement, and Why Have One?

Legally, creating an investment policy statement (IPS) isn’t mandatory for defined contribution (DC) plans. But the Department of Labor does require plan sponsors to be prudent about selecting and ...

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What Lies Beyond Target Date Funds

Investing in defined contribution (DC) plans is different than any other market. Most plan participants don’t have access to a personal financial planner and they are among the least ...

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Stunning Growth of Vanguard – Is it Healthy?

The stunning growth of Vanguard heralding the move to passive or index funds over active investing especially in DC plans seems to be a runaway train. But is that ...

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