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Managed Accounts : Right Choice For QDIA?

managed accounts

There are subtle and not so subtle differences between Managed Account Services (MAS) and the popular Target Date Fund (TDF) that plan sponsors should be aware of. Mostly, it ...

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The Future of Target Date Funds

Future of Target Date Funds

What is the Future of Target Date Funds? Target date funds (TDFs) are the most popular investments in defined contribution (DC) plans attracting more than half of all new ...

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Assets in 401k Plans Hit Record High in 2016

401k assets

According to research by the ICI (investment Company Institute), assets in 401k plans hit a record high in the second quarter of 2016 at $4.860 trillion making up 70% ...

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Learn more about Fidelity’s TDF strategy.

Target Date Fund Strategies

  As part of a video series to help plan sponsors better understand target date funds (TDFs) which have grown to about $800 billion mostly from defined contribution (DC) ...

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The Debate About ETFs in DC Plans is Over

ETFs in DC Plans

As ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) became more popular with individual investors growing steadily led by iShares (now part of BlackRock) and Vanguard, almost a decade ago experts predicted that ...

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