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Managed Accounts: The Future of Default Options in DC Plans?

Commenting on the dramatic growth of target date funds(TDFs) in defined contribution plans, the head of retirement research for Morningstar blogging in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) asks ...

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DCIIA Publishes Listing of Common Investment Vehicles Found in Most DC Plans

401k investments

The Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA) is a not-for-profit industry membership association focused on the improvement of industry practices and better outcomes for investors. The membership includes: investment ...

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Shift to Target Date Funds Highlights Evolving DC Plans

  Fred’s Take: Unlike any investment available to workers in defined contribution (DC) plans, target date funds (TDFs) highlight the evolution of DC plans to become more like defined ...

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Managed Accounts : Right Choice For QDIA?

managed accounts

There are subtle and not so subtle differences between Managed Account Services (MAS) and the popular Target Date Fund (TDF) that plan sponsors should be aware of. Mostly, it ...

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