DOL Audits: What Triggers Them and Time Spent

DOL Audits

DOL audits are never fun but they are made worse when a new administrator of the company’s 401k plan just takes over and has to put together information maintained ...

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Duke and Emory 403b Lawsuits Moving Forward

Two of the 12 lawsuits against prominent US universities are moving ahead based on rulings by federal judges in the cases against Duke and Emory. The lawsuits alleged excessive ...

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Fate of the DOL Rule: Blowing in the Wind

Record Keeper Fiduciary Status

The fate (and sensibility) of the DOL’s conflict of interest rule was hotly debated at the recent Investment News Retirement Income Summit in Chicago by representatives of the insurance ...

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401k Tax Cuts Expected in Trump’s Budget Plan

401k tax cuts

As the nation eagerly awaits Trump’s new tax plan, proponents of 401k plans are fearing the worse. According to industry insiders, the question is not whether these plans will ...

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Expert Tips on Avoiding 401k Plan Fee Lawsuits

401k plan fee lawsuits

Avoiding 401k plan fee lawsuits requires a measure of discipline and diligence according to several industry experts. 401k plan fees continue to be the epicenter of retirement plan litigation. ...

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