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Problems using a record keeper’s proprietary funds

record keeper's proprietary funds

With fees for defined contribution (DC) record keepers declining, there’s a greater push to use a record keeper’s proprietary funds, especially target date funds (TDFs) and stable value. Is that ...

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401(k) Plan Litigation Protection

401(k) Plan Litigation Update A day does not go by that we don’t see a new lawsuit targeting 401(k) plans. Litigation appears to target some obvious weakness in how ...

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President Calls on DOL to Review Fiduciary Rule

Fred Barstein

Though expected, but maybe not so soon, the President called on the DOL to conduct an economic and legal analysis of the DOL’s fiduciary rule, asking for a memo ...

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Top Law Firm Lays-out ERISA Lawsuits Roadmap for 2017 [OPINION]

by Timothy Kelly [OPINION] – The ERISA lawsuits landscape is littered with pitfalls and contradictions for fiduciaries; and in particular, Plan Sponsors. Reading through the litigation newsletter from prominent ...

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