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401k Lawsuits Making News Again

401k lawsuit

In what used to be a backwater area of the law, 401k lawsuits, or even broader, ERISA lawsuits against 401k and 403b plan sponsors and providers are heating up with ...

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Retirement Policy Directions for 2017 and Beyond

Retirement policy direction in the US has hit some turbulence with the new Republican administration and a majority in both Houses of Congress.  Recently, policy analysts and industry professionals ...

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DOL Rule or Not, Financial Industry is Changing

401k advisor

Whether the DOL rule is delayed, which is likely for 60 days, or even scrapped, it has made an indelible mark on the financial services industry which will not ...

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Mutual Fund Company 401k Plans Under Attack by Litigators

Mutual Fund Company 401k Plans

Mutual Fund Company 401k Plans Like company stock, Mutual Fund Company 401k Plans, specifically, proprietary funds in the 401k plans of mutual funds have given rise to potential conflicts ...

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IRS Issues Guidelines for Hardship Distributions from 401k Plans

distributions from 401k plans

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued new guidelines for substantiating hardship distributions from 401k plans, referred to as Employee Plans (EP). The memorandum from the Treasury Department “sets ...

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