Fed Chair Janet Yellen Speech Juggles Fed Funds Rate

Federal Reserve

How it Impacts 401(k) Participant Outcomes By Steff Chalk, Executive Director, TPSU – Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen dropped the Fed Funds bomb yesterday when she communicated to the ...

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Why More People Don’t Buy Annuities


Why aren’t annuities more popular for people close to or at retirement age? With people expected to live longer, annuities, which provide income for as long as you live ...

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Managed Accounts Booming in DC Plans


According to Fidelity Investments, the use of their managed accounts service is booming with employers using it to recruit and retain employees. But a lack of education is holding ...

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Stable Value Funds in 401(k) Litigation Crosshairs

Frustrated Advisor

In a low interest environment, investors that do not want to take much risk but want a higher return than Money Market Funds (many participants in defined contribution (DC) ...

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Short Term View of Target Date Funds Misleading


Criteria used to evaluate retirement funds, especially Target Date Funds (TDF), should be different than for other types of investing. But, according to a survey conducted late 2015 by ...

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The Danger with Target Date Funds

Broken road

In a “set it and forget it” world, target date funds (TDFs) for defined contribution plans seem like a perfect solution. With an almost $800 billion in DC assets ...

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TDFs Post First Annual Loss Since 2008

Dow Chart

For the first time since 2008, Target Date Funds (TDFs) posted an annual loss. According to the Callan Target Date Index, the median TDF dropped .86% though gains of ...

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