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A Layman’s Guide to Target Date Funds

When it comes to discussing or selecting investments for their 401(k) plans, many HR and benefits professionals get intimidated. It’s not their area of expertise, as they focus on ...

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Target Date Funds, By the Numbers

Target-date mutual funds (TDFs) have become increasingly popular, growing from $6 billion to $245 billion between 2000 to 2010 according to a study by the Wharton School. TDF’s are a ...

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MassMutual and Envestnet Paving Future of Managed Investments

MassMutual and Investnet firm positions in Managed Investments The announcement by MassMutual of a collaboration with Envestnet Retirement Solutions has potentially significant ramifications for the DC industry and may ...

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Should Employers Outsource Investment Selection?

Leigh Elliot

The incredible growth and success of target date funds heralds the notion that most participants in a 401(k) or defined contribution (DC) are better off outsourcing investment selection and ...

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