Participants Not Properly Using Target Date Funds

Looking forward

Target Date Funds (TDF) are meant to be an all in investment using a well-diversified and balanced portfolio of investments that change as people get closer to retirement. Yet, ...

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IRA Rollovers May be a Bad Idea

With Super Bowl 50 coming soon and the ads that are sometimes more entertaining than the game, it’s time to think about why IRAs may not be a good ...

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Retirement Income: A Problem Awaiting a Solution

retirement crown

Defined Contribution (DC) plans like 401(k)s and 403(b)s have passed the retirement decisions and liability onto employees. And while the “ideal plan” offers an opportunity for workers to solve ...

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Select Stable Value: Now is the time to Consider the Options

Safe Haven

Employers who sponsor a Tax-qualified Retirement Plan and their corresponding Retirement Plan Participants share much more than a common interest in plan investments and the anticipated return for a ...

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Prop Funds in larger plans

Needle in Haystack

Twenty years ago it was hard-to-impossible to force a record keeper that also managed money to offer outside (non- prop funds) investments. The feeling is that we are now ...

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Impact of Higher Interest Rates on Retirement Plans

Janet Yellen

Though the Federal Reserve Bank only slightly raised interest rates, higher rates could significantly affect companies sponsoring a retirement plan as well as their employees participating. But the new ...

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Target Date Funds Require Different Analysis


With 90% of new 401(k) contributions expected to flow into target date funds (TDFs) in 2019 according to researcher Cerulli, the selection of a TDF for their defined contribution ...

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