Plan Optimization

46% of Participants Are Relying on Automatic Investing

  Automatic investing is on the rise in defined contribution (DC) plans. The trend signals a clear shift from participants making their own investing decisions to increased reliance on ...

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Redefining Retirement: Boomerang Workers

Boomerang Workers

The shift from defined benefit pension plans to defined contribution 401ks may seem like it is driving dramatic change in the retirement world for workers and employers alike but ...

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Making 401k Plans Fun Resulting in Serious Engagement

The beauty and danger of the Ideal Plan which includes auto features like auto-enrollment and auto-escalation is that it does not require or inspire participant engagement. The retirement plan ...

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Creating Healthier 401k Financial Wellness Programs

U.S. employees are stressed about their finances. It’s no wonder — a 2016 NerdWallet study found that the average American household carries a $16,748 credit card balance, $49,905 in ...

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