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Plan Optimization

Companies Shifting Benefit Costs to Employees

The world of benefits is changing especially for Millennials as companies grapple with rising healthcare costs and workers try to figure out how to create a steady stream of ...

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Engaging Investors Based on their Financial Personalities

Financial Personalities

Not all employees are alike so designing benefits, especially retirement plans, should be customized not just on their age or salaries but also on their personality types. State Street ...

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Getting Auto-Enrollment Approved Can be a Process


  At a TPSU program held at Notre Dame, the CFO of a local manufacturing company attending with almost the entire Investment Committee discusses the process he and the ...

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The Short Falls of State Run Plans

, state run plans

While most industry experts are extolling efforts by states to require employers to offer a retirement plan at work, Morningstar’s director of policy research warns that these auto-IRA, state ...

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Auto-Enrollment Working at New Hampshire Plan Sponsor

auto enrollment

  It’s one thing for defined contribution plan sponsors to hear research and expert opinions about the benefits of auto-enrollment and how a vast majority of employees welcome it, ...

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Five Misconceptions About 401(k) Leakage

401(k) Leakage

This video presentation is designed to provide qualified retirement plan sponsors with an understanding of the facts and popular misconceptions surrounding the topic of 401(k) plan leakage. What is ...

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