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Financial Wellness Programs: Vital Considerations for 2024

Financial Wellness Programs Vital Considerations For 2024
  Financial wellness programs should not be overlooked in 2024, particularly by employers.  Financial stress is currently at an all-time high, with workers burdened by...

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Mindfulness in Navigating the Future of Retirement Planning

Finacial Wellness
In the rapidly evolving landscape of the retirement industry, mindfulness plays a crucial role in ensuring both financial advisors and clients remain focused, clear-headed, and...

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Navigating Trust and Fiduciary Responsibilities in DC Plans

The journey of small- to mid-size defined contribution plan sponsors involves transitioning from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence, eventually aiming for conscious competence.  During this...

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The Power of Collaborative Partnerships in Retirement Planning

Tpsu Teresa
Fred Barstein, CEO & Founder, TPSU/TRAU/40ktv with Teresa, HR Admin In the realm of retirement planning, effective communication serves as the cornerstone for building robust...

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Managing Conflicts in Retirement Planning: Prioritizing Transparency

401k Advisors
Navigating the complex world of retirement planning often involves grappling with conflicts of interest. Consider the scenario faced by senior managers of a publicly traded...

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Evolving Expectations: The New Era for 401(k) Plan Advisors

401k Advisors
As the dynamics of 401(k) plan management grow increasingly complex, plan sponsors are intensifying their demands for more competent and transparent advisors.  This trend, illuminated...

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Embrace Flexibility in Your Retirement Committee Selection

Rickunser Img
Fred Barstein with Adjunct Lecturer, Rick Unser – Financial Advisor, Creative Planning When forming a retirement committee, embracing creative thinking can yield substantial benefits.  A...

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Cultivating Creativity in Advisor-Client Engagement and Strategies

Barden Barstein
  Cultivating Creativity in Advisor-Client Engagement and Strategies In the realm of financial wellness advice and strategies, creativity is a valuable asset.  Financial advisors are...

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