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Passive Investments

Stunning Growth of Vanguard – Is it Healthy?

The stunning growth of Vanguard heralding the move to passive or index funds over active investing especially in DC plans seems to be a runaway train. But is that ...

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The Debate About ETFs in DC Plans is Over

ETFs in DC Plans

As ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) became more popular with individual investors growing steadily led by iShares (now part of BlackRock) and Vanguard, almost a decade ago experts predicted that ...

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ETFs Seem Perfect for 401k Plans, Except…


ETFs or exchange traded funds offer an inexpensive investment with greater transparency than traditional mutual funds using passive strategies that have been wildly popular for individual investors, especially high ...

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Downside of Index Funds

index funds

With the growing momentum towards low-cost index funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds) which have $5 trillion and growing, investors and plan sponsors may be overlooking the hidden dangers ...

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