Investing a Confusing Game for Most People

Investing a Confusing Game

Using the analogy of playing poker, Chris Carosa of Fiduciary News, says that many people delay saving for retirement because they are afraid of losing the game and making ...

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Rise of Robo-Record Keeper Betterment

  We hear a lot about the so called robo advisors, some of whom are morphing into robo-record keepers, who have raised billions of dollars. The latest winner in ...

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Younger Workers Prefer Online Financial Advice

online financial advice

Younger Workers Prefer Online Financial Advice Though the headline on the Wells Fargo/Gallup poll with over 1000 U.S. investors about their 401k plan is that 91% say they are ...

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When it comes to Record Keeping – Two Systems Too Many

record keeping

Record Keeping Should not become house keeping. Integration of payroll and record keeping systems is a key element to helping companies save time and efficiently manage their defined contribution ...

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Fiduciary Considerations When Selecting Investments

Fiduciary considerations

Fiduciary Considerations Selecting and monitoring investments in a defined contribution (DC) plan like a 401k can be intimidating and confusing to most HR and benefits professionals who do not ...

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Why will Retirement Plan RFPs never die?


The simple answer: because it is the only prudent way to hire and evaluate service providers.  Period. by: Ariana Amplo, The Founder of InHub –  There is not one attorney, ...

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Be Careful! That Smartphone is Loaded

Everything is going mobile which is usually viewed as a positive trend. But the easy and quick access that mobile devices allow users to make may be dangerous when ...

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Online Resources a Challenge for Plan Sponsors

Keisha Roberts - Plan Sponsor

Defined contribution (DC) record keepers have developed an enormous number of online tools for employers sponsoring a retirement plan and their employees but many professionals at the company are ...

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