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Advisor RFP Process Daunting for Plan Sponsors

advisor rfp

How do you know when to conduct and advisor RFP (request for proposal) and what’s the process? The Senior Director of HR of a not for profit attending a ...

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Is Your 401k Advisor Getting “Stale”?

Is your 401k or 403b plan advisor getting stale? That’s a question that a 100 person manufacturing company plan sponsor asked at a TPSU program held at LaSalle University. ...

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When Transitioning Providers, Start with Advisor

Transitioning Providers

For many companies sponsoring a defined contribution (DC) plan like a 401k or 403b, transitioning providers like record keepers or advisors is a new experience. There is no play ...

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401k ERISA Budget Help Manage Expenses and Uncover Hidden Fees

401k ERISA Budget

Regardless of the concern and issues with revenue sharing and various share classes, the financial service industry doggedly attempts to retain a system ripe with conflicts. This is understandably confusing ...

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Company Moves to Flat Fee Advisor for their 401k Plan

flat fee advisor

  Originally publish October, 2016 – Can a flat fee advisor arrangement be the better mousetrap? At a TPSU program conducted at UC Irvine by founding Adjunct Lecturer John ...

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