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Auto Plan

46% of Participants Are Relying on Automatic Investing

  Automatic investing is on the rise in defined contribution (DC) plans. The trend signals a clear shift from participants making their own investing decisions to increased reliance on ...

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401k Re-Enrollment Requires More Education

Auto enrollment for employees is becoming standard for many 401k and 403b plans. But re-enrollment is just starting to catch on. The Benefits and HR manager of a Boston ...

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Auto Enrollment not Right for All 401k and 403b Plans

Auto Enrollment

While auto enrollment has been a revelation for many 401k and 403b plan sponsors dramatically increasing participation rates and growing quickly, it’s not right for all plans and in ...

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Are Auto Features ideal for your 401(k) Plan?

auto features

A recent survey run by Callan in the fall of 2016 provided a source of large plan 401(k) change intelligence and 401kTV wrote a nice article about this survey ...

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