Open MEPs Pass Senate Finance Committee

Open MEPs

Support for retirement plans at work is growing not just at the local level where more than 30 states have approved or are considering legislation that would require employers ...

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Preparing for DOL Rule Implementation: Back to School

DOL Rule Implementation The DOL fiduciary rule has had plenty of critics, caused some anxiety for sponsors and advisors alike and most of the attention has been focused on ...

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A Harbinger of the DOL New Fiduciary Rule Fallout


The April 2016 release and distribution of the Department of Labor rules describing the new definition of Fiduciary sent shock waves throughout the financial industry.   The new fiduciary rule ...

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Proposed Changes to 5500 Could Lead to More DC Plan Audits

dc audits

The DOL, IRS and PBGC have proposed changes to the 5500 to be effective plan year 2019 which while dramatically increasing transparency about defined contribution plans like 401ks could ...

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Association’s DC Plan Fees Decrease Automatically

DC Plan Fees Decrease Automatically

At a TPSU program held at Loyola University in Maryland, the HR Director at a DC area association discusses how her Investment Committee runs and how they were able ...

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Does the New DOL Fiduciary Regulation have Competition?

DOL Fiduciary Regulation

Since the announcement six years ago that the DOL was pondering the thought of redefining the definition of Fiduciary, until earlier this year when the DOL finally unleashed the ...

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Bottom Line on DOL Fiduciary Rule for DC Plan Sponsors

Fiduciary Rule for DC Plan Sponsors

Fiduciary Rule for DC Plan Sponsors Though members of the Investment Committee and those that make decisions for companies that sponsor a defined contribution (DC) plan under ERISA are ...

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