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Rise of Robo-Record Keeper Betterment

  We hear a lot about the so called robo advisors, some of whom are morphing into robo-record keepers, who have raised billions of dollars. The latest winner in ...

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How to Get 95% Participation on Wellness Programs

wellness programs

Talking Wellness Programs Getting employees engaged in their retirement plan is the next frontier for defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors. Although the ideal plan with automatic enrollment and escalation ...

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When it comes to Record Keeping – Two Systems Too Many

record keeping

Record Keeping Should not become house keeping. Integration of payroll and record keeping systems is a key element to helping companies save time and efficiently manage their defined contribution ...

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Plan Sponsors Need More Fiduciary Education

fiduciary education

At every TPSU (The Plan Sponsor University) program we start with two questions: 1) Is managing your company’s retirement plan your only job; and 2) Do you have formal ...

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Stretching The Match – The Time Has Come!

Stretch match

Stretching the match. One of the most important concepts in the Ideal Plan is the stretch match for numerous reasons. One of the most important concepts in the Ideal Plan ...

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Engaging Senior Management in the Company 401(k) Plan

Senior management

Companies moving to a Defined Contribution (DC) plan from a Defined Benefit (DC) plan may have a sense of false security. While DC plans mitigate the funding burden largely ...

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Engaging 401k Participants Takes Strategic Planning

Engaging 401k Participants

Engaging 401k Participants Although 80% of the benefits to prepare people for retirement can come from plan design, especially if defined contribution (DC) plans use the recommended ideal plan, ...

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