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Five Misconceptions About 401(k) Leakage

401(k) Leakage

This video presentation is designed to provide qualified retirement plan sponsors with an understanding of the facts and popular misconceptions surrounding the topic of 401(k) plan leakage. What is ...

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Large 401k Plan Moves to Flat Fee Arrangement

flat fee

The cost to record keep a 403b or 401k plan is based mostly on the number of participants, not the assets in the plan, yet most plans are priced ...

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Participation Rate Soars at Long Island Plan

plan participants

  Although auto-enrollment, the first pillar in the Ideal Plan, is an easy and effective way to boost participation with 52% of companies using it according to a recent ...

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Association’s DC Plan Fees Decrease Automatically

DC Plan Fees Decrease Automatically

At a TPSU program held at Loyola University in Maryland, the HR Director at a DC area association discusses how her Investment Committee runs and how they were able ...

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Challenges of Retirement Plans at Retail Companies

Retirement Plans Retail Companies

Managing retirement benefits at a retail company is challenging with high turnover and low income workers. There are also issues tracking hours of temporary workers. A large Atlanta based ...

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Report Card Keeps DC Plan Participant on Track

retirement report card

  Like anything important, people need a report card or gauge to help them know how they are doing along with coaching and constant nudging. At a TPSU program ...

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Participants on a DC Plan Committee – Good Idea?

  Though most companies that sponsor a defined contribution (DC) plan like a 401k agree that they should have a Committee to run their plan, there is a lot ...

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