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401k Plans Fees are Only Part of the Equation

401k Plan Fees are only Part of the Equation. At the conclusion of a TPSU Fiduciary Education Program, there was an in-depth conversation between Fred Barstein, Founder and CEO of ...

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NEPC: Plan Fees Flat, But Buyer Beware. 

NEPC: Plan Fees

NEPC: Plan Fees Flat, But Buyer Beware. For the past seven years, defined contribution (DC) plan recordkeeping, trust and custody fees have been declining steadily year over year. That is, ...

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Re-Enrollment: Know The Risks


Re-Enrollment: Know The Risks. Retirement plan sponsors are embracing re-enrollment as a way to help ensure participants have sufficient asset allocations and deferral rates. More than 22% of plan ...

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Who’s Responsible for Keeping Retirement Plan Records?

Who’s ultimately responsible for retention of retirement plan records: the sponsor, or the participant? It’s an interesting conundrum. In a recent case, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ...

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Are 401k Service Providers Double Dipping?

Are 401k Service Providers Double Dipping

A Minnesota financial advisor blogs about potential double dipping by 401k record keepers and advisors. With the new DOL conflict of interest rules, providers will be under greater scrutiny. ...

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