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Robyn Kurdek

How To Create An Effective Financial Wellness Program

Financial Wellness Program

  Struggling with Financial Wellness? Here’s Some Help To Create An Effective Financial Wellness Program. Many employers feel responsible for educating their employees on complex financial topics. As such, ...

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Who’s Responsible for Keeping Retirement Plan Records?

Who’s ultimately responsible for retention of retirement plan records: the sponsor, or the participant? It’s an interesting conundrum. In a recent case, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ...

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What is an Investment Policy Statement, and Why Have One?

Legally, creating an investment policy statement (IPS) isn’t mandatory for defined contribution (DC) plans. But the Department of Labor does require plan sponsors to be prudent about selecting and ...

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Six Smart Ways To Limit Sponsor Liability

Being a plan sponsor comes with plenty of responsibility, but there are several ways you can protect yourself driving many to attend our TPSU programs. Simple tasks like keeping ...

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46% of Participants Are Relying on Automatic Investing

  Automatic investing is on the rise in defined contribution (DC) plans. The trend signals a clear shift from participants making their own investing decisions to increased reliance on ...

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Five Myths About Outsourcing Investment Decisions

  With the regulatory spotlight shining on fiduciary roles thanks to new, tougher rules from the DOL, more defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors are hiring third parties to handle ...

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