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Top 10 Pitfalls of a Defined Contribution Plan

Hidden Danger

Your DC (defined contribution) can be like your car: when it’s running smoothly, it seems easy to run and own. But when they break down or if you neglect ...

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Low Cost Vanguard Sued for Excessive Fees


When you think about Vanguard, the first thought that comes to mind is low cost index funds. So how can a group of participants at a $5 billion plan ...

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DOL Set to Focus on Fee Equalization?

Equal distribution

What’s next for the DOL when it starts investigating defined contribution (DC) plans? According to an advisor in Troy Michigan, it could be participant fee equalization. In 2014, the ...

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401(k) Plan Expenses drop 22% in Just Four Years

Chart Down

Costs of 401(k) administration, advice and investments continue to go down as more companies offer index and target date funds according to a joint study by the Investment Company ...

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401(k) Lawsuit Targets HR Outsourcer and Trustee


Emboldened by wins against large 401(k) plan sponsors like Boeing, Cigna, Caterpillar and Cigna, plaintiff’s attorney Jerome Schlichter recently filed suit against an HR outsourcing company and their discretionary ...

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Payroll Automation Reduces Fines, Time and Fiduciary Risk

Plan Automation

As defined contribution (DC) plans like 401(k)s mature and record keeping becomes more competitive, employers sponsoring a retirement plan are enjoying greater benefits. But what are those specific benefits ...

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