Cross-Tested Plans Targeted in New Regulation [OPINION]

Cross-Tested Plans Targeted

Cross-Tested Plans Targeted [OPINION] (by Judy Miller & Nevin Adams) – As if small business owners didn’t have enough challenges, a recent Treasury Department regulation contains a provision that will make ...

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The Government is Messing with Your DC Plan

Bob Reynolds

Retirement is front and center in politics today, especially with the Obama administration focused on two major issues: coverage for more people at work; and removal of potential conflicts ...

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Latest DC Lawsuit Alleges Excessive Mailings

DC Lawsuit charges against junk mail

In a relatively unnoticed lawsuit against one of the largest 403b providers as reported by NAPA Net, a participant alleges that the provider sent him multiple mailings which he ...

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IRS Audits Turns Focus on to Streamline Processes

distributions from 401k plans

Will subtle changes to IRS rules about defined contribution (DC) plan documents lead to more IRS audits? That’s the opinion of a noted benefits specialist in a recent regulatory ...

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Most Common Retirement Plan Mistakes


Running a defined contribution plan (DC) like a 401k plan is complicated fraught with many pitfalls. Service providers like record keepers, TPAs (third party administrators) and advisors are hired ...

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Should You Consider ERISA Fiduciary Liability Insurance?

Adjunct lecturer

  Liability under ERISA, which covers defined contribution (DC) plans like 401(k)s, imposes the highest fiduciary responsibility under law in the world which rightfully scares many companies that sponsor ...

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Plan Sponsor “Does Right” for Its Employees

Paul Szymanski

  At a TPSU program held at Valparaiso University conducted by Lakeside Wealth Management Group, Do-Rite Die & Engineering, a small family owned business in Indiana took decisive action ...

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