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DC Plan Professionals Need Help

Birkman Method at TPSU UCLA

Students attending TRAU (The Retirement Advisor University) at UCLA have the good fortune of getting access to the Birkman Method, a personality assessment for improving people skills and aligning roles and ...

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Harsh Criticism of Participant and Employee Education

participant and employee education

During the NAPA conference last week in Nashville, Tn., 401kTV interviewed over 25 plan advisors. Most of our discussions centered on participant and employee education. Surprisingly, only one advisor ...

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How to Get 95% Participation on Wellness Programs

wellness programs

Talking Wellness Programs Getting employees engaged in their retirement plan is the next frontier for defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors. Although the ideal plan with automatic enrollment and escalation ...

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Benefits in the Gig Economy

gig economy

What is the “gig” economy and how does it affect the benefits world? If you have ever used Uber or Airbnb, they you have participated in the gig economy ...

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