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Do You Have an Activist Plan Advisor?


  Most defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors work with an advisor with recent research indicating that almost 90% of companies with 25-10,000 employees sponsoring a plan using one.  But ...

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Insights for a Successful Advisor RFP


Inhub recently completed an advisor RFP for a mid-sized Arizona 401(k) plan sponsor providing valuable insights and lessons for companies thinking of going through this process. Though 401(k) and ...

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Understanding the Plan Advisor Market


The most important decision that employers sponsoring a DC (defined contribution) plan like a 401(k) or 403(b) is the selection of their plan advisor. According to Fidelity research, 84% ...

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Advisor Benchmarking v. RFP

Advisor RFP Process

By Arianna Amplo, Co-Founder, Inhub   There is a big debate over whether a plan sponsor should benchmark their plan advisor or do a formal RFP. The answer is ...

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