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“Advisor at the Elbow” is also Proactive

advisor at the elbow

There are a lot of ways to describe how a financial advisor best serves companies that sponsor a defined contribution (DC) plan like a 401k or 403b but it ...

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When Refreshing Your 401k Plan Select New Advisor First

Select New Advisor

  At A TPSU program held at Bentley University just outside Boston, a 401k plan sponsor discusses the process he undertook to refresh their 401k plan starting with interviewing ...

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I am the HR Department

HR Department

  It’s common at small companies for one person to be in charge of all HR functions including their organization’s retirement plan which can be challenging. At a TPSU ...

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Focus on Fees Miss the Point of DC Plans

dc plan fees

During my current trip, I have had the pleasure of experiencing Delta’s computer meltdown causing millions of travelers, including myself, to be delayed and inconvenienced. Likely caused by antiquated systems ...

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Small 401k Plan Uses Online RFP to Find a New Advisor

online rfp

Though most advisor RFPs are conducted by larger defined contribution (DC) plans like 401ks or 403bs with more than $10 million, the benefits are substantial for smaller companies as ...

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VC Backed Robo 401k Record Keepers Seek Disruption

Advice Going Robo

Rise of the Machines- Robo 401k Record Keepers According to a recent Wall Street Journal article (subscription required), well-funded technology focused robo record keepers are attempting to disrupt the staid ...

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Unique Challenges for Family Businesses in Retirement Planning

family businesses

  Working with retirement plans for family businesses or closely owned businesses presents unique challenges. It’s important for the HR professional and their plan advisor properly deign the retirement ...

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