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401k Re-Enrollment Requires More Education

Auto enrollment for employees is becoming standard for many 401k and 403b plans. But re-enrollment is just starting to catch on. The Benefits and HR manager of a Boston ...

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Making 401k Plans Fun Resulting in Serious Engagement

The beauty and danger of the Ideal Plan which includes auto features like auto-enrollment and auto-escalation is that it does not require or inspire participant engagement. The retirement plan ...

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401k Loans Should Require Education

At a TPSU program held at Marylhurst University, the HR director at a 140 person organization suggested that plan participants requesting a loan from their 401k and 403b account ...

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Raffles Help 401k Plan Increase Participation

401k Plan Increase Participation

Getting the attention of employees, especially younger ones, about the company’s 401k or 403b plan can be a challenge – people want immediate gratification. Saving for a stranger (their ...

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