Exclude Part-time Workers from Your DC Plan at Your Peril

One Way

Many defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors may think that they can automatically exclude part-time workers from the company’s retirement plan. Companies need to understand that part-time workers that meet ...

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Will Litigation Drive Out Large 401(k) Plans?


The recent spate of lawsuits against defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors by their participants has many companies wondering, according to a noted ERISA law firm, whether they should keep ...

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Oracle Sued by Schlichter Law Firm


In what is becoming a wave of lawsuits involving defined contribution (DC) plans like 401(k)s, Oracle was sued by participants over excessive fees and imprudent investments. While not alleging ...

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Employees Must Sign Not to Enroll

  The HR manager at Nathan’s Famous at a recent TPSU program held at Long Island University explains how her company achieved over 90% participation rate with happy employees ...

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When to Fire Your Provider

As much as you might have come to like and even enjoy working with your 401(k) and 403(b) service providers, quoting the late great Beatle George Harrison, all things ...

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Technology Adding New Liabilities for DC Plan Fiduciaries

Most employees access their 401(k) and 403(b) accounts electronically and most communications with plan participants by plan sponsors, advisors and providers are digital. But have we looked at how people digest information differently on the screen compared to on paper and what are the implications for ERISA fiduciary rules managing their company’s defined contribution plan?

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