Army of Lawyers Set to Enforce New DOL Rule

401k lawsuits

Who will enforce new DOL Rule? One of the questions lost in the turmoil about the financial service’s industry’s ability to adjust their practices to the DOL’s new fiduciary ...

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Defining Compensation Can Be Tricky for DC Plans

Defining Compensation

Defining Compensation One of the biggest mistakes that employers sponsoring a defined contribution (DC) plan make is not including all types of compensation when calculating contributions and the company ...

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Correcting Deferral Mistakes

Deferral Mistakes

Deferral mistakes happen and although the DOL has levied a lot of fines and has picked up their enforcement activity, there are methods to voluntarily correct errors if employers ...

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Should You Create an ERISA Account?

erisa account

Most of the larger defined contribution (DC) plan fees are paid out of plan assets but not all plans have an ERISA account to pay eligible plan expenses as ...

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BP Sued over Switch to Cash Balance Plan

BP Sued

BP Sued over Switch to Cash Balance Plan BP sued over cash balance plan switch. In efforts to avoid funding liability under defined benefit (DB) plans, corporate America has ...

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Plan Automation Leads to Fewer Audits

Plan automation

Plan Automation While the defined contribution industry is focused on investments, the new DOL fiduciary, TDFs and improving investor outcomes, plan sponsors still struggle with plan automation, compliance and ...

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