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Retirement Clearinghouse RCH
Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) provides plan sponsors with plan portability services that move retirement savings forward as participants change jobs, solving the small account problem. RCH’s solutions deliver plan-to-plan portability, improve participant outcomes, increase average balances and promote retirement readiness. RCH Auto PortabilitySM is the enhanced standard of care for an automatic rollover (ARO) program, reducing cashouts by 52%, while helping participants receiving mandatory distributions (<$5,000) consolidate retirement savings into their current, active plan. RCH Managed PortabilitySM is for all participants, all balances and relies upon participant consent to consolidate retirement savings. More information:

The Fundamentals of 401(k) Cashout Leakage

The Fundamentals of 401(k) Cashout Leakage By Tom Hawkins This video presentation provides viewers with the latest data characterizing the problem of 401(k) cashout leakage, a major challenge that faces ...

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The ABCs of Auto Portability

auto portability

What is Auto Portability? Auto Portability is: The routine, standardized and automated movement of an inactive participant’s retirement account from a former employer’s retirement plan to their active account ...

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Five Misconceptions About 401(k) Leakage

401(k) Leakage

This video presentation is designed to provide qualified retirement plan sponsors with an understanding of the facts and popular misconceptions surrounding the topic of 401(k) plan leakage. What is ...

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