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401kTV GENIE Award Nominations Running Strong

401kTV GENIE Award Nominations Running Strong 

401kTV GENIE Award Nominations are now being accepted for the December 5th Program at the Gleacher Center located at University of Chicago. 403b Plan Sponsors and & 401k Plan Sponsors can be nominated by Retirement Plan Providers and other Plan Sponsors.  The 2019 401kTV GENIE Awards recognize Plan Sponsors, Retirement Plan Advisors and Plan Providers who have made a positive impact for Plan Participants or have improved plan outcomes with the creative and innovative usage of technology.  On December 5th the 401kTV GENIE Awards will be combining an awards program with a half-day of education!  The 401kTV GENIE Awards focus on how plan sponsors, retirement plan advisors, and plan providers have improved plan outcomes with the creative and innovative usage of technology.

(Click here – to watch the 401kTV GENIE Awards video at – In this video, Fred Barstein, 401kTV Founder and CEO describes the format of this half-day of Education and Awards – where plan sponsors, retirement plan advisors and plan providers will be recognized for their contribution to plan participants and the retirement industry.)

(Click here – to Register to attend the 401kTV GENIE Awards / Education Program )

(Click here – to Nominate an Award Recipient)

Plan Sponsors and Retirement Plan Advisors across the country are successfully improving participant outcomes.  Now, the 401kTV GENIE Awards wants to recognize those who share their stories or share their innovative processes and technologies.



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