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Benchmarking & Fees (ERISA, retirement plan)

Insights for a Successful Advisor RFP


Inhub recently completed an advisor RFP for a mid-sized Arizona 401(k) plan sponsor providing valuable insights and lessons for companies thinking of going through this process. Though 401(k) and ...

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Advisor Benchmarking v. RFP

Advisor RFP Process

By Arianna Amplo, Co-Founder, Inhub   There is a big debate over whether a plan sponsor should benchmark their plan advisor or do a formal RFP. The answer is ...

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Advisors RFPs coming down Market

In hub Study

As reported in NAPA Net, Inhub, an online advisor RFP consultant is experiencing more advisor RFPs for smaller plans (see infographics). Other findings include: 90% of plan sponsors had ...

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