Advice and Financial Wellness Panel Engages Audience at 401kTV Awards

Advice and Financial Wellness

Advice and Financial Wellness Panel Engages Audience at 401kTV Awards

Advice and Financial Wellness panel speakers kept things interesting right up to the conclusion of the very last panel session of the 401kTV GENIE Awards.  Working through the last Session  – the Advice and Financial Wellness panel – Mr. William “Bill” Hicks of Mass Mutual was the Moderator of the session.  The Advice and Financial Wellness panel included Barbara Delaney of SSRBA, Derek Fiorenza of Summit Group Retirement Planners, Mr. Josh Frierdich of Financial Elements, Mr. Byung Sun Lee of Morgan Stanley and Mr. Bryon Wilhite of Prudential.   The topic of 401k Advice and Financial Wellness had Ms. Delaney starting-off with her describing how she has worked with clients in a consultative since she first started in the retirement plan industry. Mr. Frierdich next discussed his role over the years and how he has consistently provided a high-level client experience. During his years, he has built relationships where clients consider him a vital part of their business.

Mr. Bryon Wilhite of Prudential described the advice and financial wellness needs of the plan as being paramount. Plan sponsors need to understand the major financial wellness issues that concern their workforce.  Only then can the needs of the participants begin to be met by helping to eliminate the financial stress which negatively impacts employees and organizations.  Mr. Fiorenza serves employers and employees by providing a comprehensive and personalized service.  Mr. Fiorenza has successfully earned a reputation for excellence in our industry where he and Summit Group Retirement Planners take pride in creating an ultimate retirement planning experience.

The winner of the 401kTV GENIE Award for Advice and Financial Wellness was Barbara Delaney.  Congratulations Barbara – on your winning the 401kTV GENIE Advice and Financial Wellness Award in New York City!

The next 401kTV Genie Awards will be held downtown Chicago at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center on 12/5/19.   Stay tuned to 401kTV – where industry professionals are continuing to raise the bar on servicing retirement plan sponsors and plan participants.


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