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Investment Committee: What Needs to be Pondered

Investment Committee: What Needs to be Pondered. Plan Sponsors are charged with the responsibility to oversee investments in any tax-qualified Retirement Plan, including participant-driven 401k Plans

When tasked with that responsibility, the Investment Committee or the Benefits Committee have choices.  How plan investments are organized falls under three categories – the plan sponsor – or committee – can do it themselves; the plan sponsor can hire a firm to assist the committee, or the plan sponsor can hire an investment firm to take charge of all investment decisions.

Knowing the difference between accepting responsibility for overseeing plan investments or choosing outside assistance in the form of a 3(21) fiduciary or a 3(38) fiduciary can be one of the most important decisions a plan committee can make.

The astute Plan Sponsor will know the difference in the three options.

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Run Date 12/21/17

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