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Financial Advisor – 401k Plan Sponsors Should Not Hire One – Instead Hire an OCRO

401k Plan Sponsors Should Not Hire A Financial Advisor – Instead Hire an OCRO. 401k and 403b plans have traditionally hired a financial advisor to help with their plan whose primary role has been to help with fees, funds & fiduciary issues. While important, we think that plan sponsors, companies, and their employees need more.

In the mega defined contribution market, the trend is to hire an OCIO or outsourced chief retirement market. In the small to midsized DC market, that trend has been to hire a 3(38) fiduciary where all investment decisions are delegated to a 3rd party.

But smaller and mid-size firms need more because they generally have fewer resources than larger plans

They should hire an OCRO or outsourced chief retirement officer who helps with all aspects of retirement. Find out why in my VLOG.


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