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NIPA NEWS: Bundled or Unbundled – Which is Right for your Plan?

NIPA NEWS: Bundled or Unbundled – Which is Right for your Plan?

NIPA News: Plan Sponsors hear references to the terms Bundled Provider or Unbundled Provider, however, those terms are rarely explained or defined.  Even after an explanation, it is not always easy to understand which of the business models a plan sponsor would want to use. The differences between the two can seem minor.  Yet, there are substantial differences.

Some of the decision points around Bundled or Unbundled might be the size of your plan, the size of your HR staff and the depth or capacity of your Finance Department.  Each of these can be a factor in helping a plan sponsor know which mode is better for their firm and plan.

Joe Burt, President of Pension Plan Specialists and also President of NIPA, takes the time to clarify why and at what plan asset size a plan sponsor may decide to use one model over another.


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