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401KTV Announcing Partnership with NIPA

401kTV Announcing Partnership With NIPA. This week’s Vlog covers the announcement of 401kTV’s partnership with NIPA to create a monthly newsletter sent to 401kTV subscribers as well as NIPA’s members and clients. The newsletter will include many original articles and videos covering real-life case studies of issues and problems, how they were resolved with tips on how to avoid them in the future – part of 401kTV’s new “compliance corner”.

The partnership highlights the importance and role of a TPA. With increased regulatory oversight and litigation risk, TPAs play a critical role in:

  • Keeping defined contribution plans in compliance
  • Avoiding fines
  • Handling inquiries from the DOL and audits

Selected NIPA as our partner because they include the leading TPA business owners and have become the voice of retirement plan professionals looking to move their TPA businesses forward.

Look for our 1st private label newsletter mid-April with more collaboration from 401ktv and NIPA in the future.


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