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401k Plans – Covering More American Workers is a Concept Worth Discussing

401k Plans – Covering more American workers is a concept worth discussing. TPSU Adjunct Lecturer Jania Stout, is an advocate of broader coverage for  American workers in Retirement Plans through the use of Multiple Employer Plans or MEPS.   Jania has recently taken that very message to Congress.

Multiple employer plans or MEPs have grown in popularity over the past decade enabling companies with a common interest to obtain better buying power while the Plan Sponsor can outsource most of the work and much of the fiduciary liability.

Listen how Jania Stout, a practice leader at Baltimore, MD based Fiduciary Plan Advisors testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee extolling the need and benefits of PEPs.

Listen to the issues, and let your local congressional representative and their pension staff know if you are in favor of such progress in the area of Qualified

Retirement Plans.


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