The Importance of Wholesalers in DC Plans

In the world of Defined Contribution plans, wholesalers are more important than you think.  There are numerous roles that contribute to a plan’s success.  Each role is comparable to vital components of a well-oiled machine.  Among these roles, wholesalers play a central function, much like the engine that drives the entire system forward.  Like a powerful engine, wholesalers propel the collaboration and efficiency between retirement plan advisors, plan sponsors, record keepers, and asset managers.  They provide the necessary energy and coordination to keep the retirement plan ecosystem running smoothly.

Just as an engine optimizes performance in a vehicle, wholesalers optimize retirement plans by aligning investment options, plan design, participant education, and administrative processes.  Their expertise in communication, support, and guidance keeps the entire system in motion, ensuring financial advisors and plan sponsors make informed decisions that lead to favorable retirement outcomes for participants.

It is crucial for industry participants to recognize the essential role wholesalers play in supporting financial advisors, plan sponsors, and participants.  Education on the comprehensive contributions of wholesalers and their ability to drive successful retirement outcomes can lead to a more balanced appreciation of their significance in the DC industry.

You can read more about The Value of 401(k) Wholesalers (and why the DC industry tends to tend to undervalue them) in this week’s Fred Barstein’s Wealth Management article.


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