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401K 2019 DC Genie Awards

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What is DCGA?

The regional DC Genie Awards (DCGA) are half day programs focused on implemented innovation that has improved retirement outcomes with a focus on creative use of technology followed by an award reception and luncheon announcing winners. There will be 4 panels of award finalists covering:

  1. Plan Design
  2. Investment Design
  3. Employee Communication
  4. Employee Education & Advice (Financial Wellness)
  5. Technology

The panels will include table discussions between advisors and plan sponsors facilitated by a provider/Table Captain on what ideas the table believes will be most effective. Advisors and providers move to new tables of plan sponsors every panel. The Award reception will highlight innovative technology being used to improve outcomes and plan administration.



Adults learn more by peer to peer interaction. DCGA will highlight proven innovation that has made a positive impact inspiring others. Progress to improve retirement security will come only from real collaboration — DCGA is the only industry program combining plan sponsors, advisors and providers. Each half day program and award reception will be capped at 50 plan sponsors (~$3-$250m), 50 advisors ($100m+ DC AUM) and 50 providers (people).



  • New York City
    Thursday, August 22, 2019
    Park Lane Hotel
    (Central Park South)
  • Chicago
    Thursday, December 5, 2019
    University of Chicago,
    Booth School, Gleacher Center
  • Los Angeles
    Pending: 2020
    UCLA Meyer & Renee Luskin
    Conference Center



DC Genie Awards Agenda

DCGA Collaborators

  • TPSU: Almost 5,000 plan sponsors have attended one of 400+
    half-day TPSU Program conducted since 2013
  • 401kTV: 55,000 small and mid market DC plan sponsor subscribers; 13,000 plan advisors
  • TRAU: Almost 2,500 advisors have attended C(k)P training at UCLA, dozens of regional half day regional programs and TRAU’s Master Class for elite plan advisors

Founder & CEO of 401kTV

Fred Barstein, JD, C(k)P explains the 401kTV Genie Awards.

Registration & Nomination

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Graham Thomas at [email protected] or 855-755-4015 x:134.

Space is Limited – Register Today!

I Have Someone to Nominate!


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