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Fees: 401(k) Services Market Heating Up

Fees-401(k) Services

Fees: 401(k) Services Market Heating Up. Yesterday, we wrote that the least expensive retirement plan fund option isn’t always the best. That goes for plan service providers, too. Fees are ...

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Cost Concerns Hurting 401k Plan Matches and Auto Features

401k plan matches

According to research by Cogent earlier this year, fees are still driving the decisions of companies sponsoring a defined contribution (DC) plan like 401ks and 403bs, it’s no wonder ...

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The High Cost of Lowering 401(k) Plan Fees

Lowering 401(k) Plan Fees

Lowering 401(k) Plan Fees. The 401(k) Industry continues to grow despite the high cost of lower 401k plan fees.  The 401(k) Plan as a savings structure is subject to increasing ...

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Investment Fees Declining but DC Plan Expenses Rising

401k fees

The overall cost of investing is dropping which, according to most experts, should in turn should mean lower investment fees for defined contribution (DC) plans like 401ks and 403bs. ...

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401(k) Plan Expenses drop 22% in Just Four Years

Chart Down

Costs of 401(k) administration, advice and investments continue to go down as more companies offer index and target date funds according to a joint study by the Investment Company ...

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Why do Providers Make Fee Calculation So Complicated?

Theresa Jacobs

  At a TPSU (The Plan Sponsor University Program) held at Rutgers University, Teresa Jacobs, a controller at a mid-size NJ company complained that her provider made calculating the ...

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