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Arguably the most important decision that an employer can make when managing their companies Defined Contribution (DC) plan like 401(k)s is picking the right partner. These partners can include a financial advisor who acts like the company’s doctor, the record keeper and Third Party Administrator (TPA) as well as the money managers. Outsourcing fiduciary liability is a main motivation but the selection and monitoring of partners are inherently fiduciary functions.

401kTV Editors will help employers make better decisions on how to select the right partners through our series of articles, videos and white papers as well as 401kTV’s Advisor Directory.


Whither Disruption? Kenya!


Givewell staffer testing mpesa (, via Wikimedia Commons The financial service industry seems immune from major disruption the way that other industries like technology, car services, hotels or media ...

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RIAs Provide More Support to 401(k) Plans

RIA Business Partnerships

In a recently released survey by TD Ameritrade with employers sponsoring a 401(k) plan, RIAs (registered investment advisor) seemed to provide more support to plan sponsors. Those plan sponsors ...

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