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Arguably the most important decision that an employer can make when managing their companies Defined Contribution (DC) plan like 401(k)s is picking the right partner. These partners can include a financial advisor who acts like the company’s doctor, the record keeper and Third Party Administrator (TPA) as well as the money managers. Outsourcing fiduciary liability is a main motivation but the selection and monitoring of partners are inherently fiduciary functions.

401kTV Editors will help employers make better decisions on how to select the right partners through our series of articles, videos and white papers as well as 401kTV’s Advisor Directory.



Organization Name: Dot Foods, Inc. Mandate Size/Type: $201m Defined Contribution Plan City, State: Mount Sterling, IL eRFP Status: Invite-Only, Issued in February, Proposals deadline March, Finals in April. Purpose of the RFP: Due diligence ...

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Best Ways to Conduct an Advisor Search

How Plan Sponsors Select Advisors

Best Practices for an Advisor Search These days, most defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors conduct formal request for proposals (RFPs) and benchmarking for their record keeper and investment managers ...

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Record Keeper Changes Causes Committee Revamp

record keepers

  An HR Director at Plan Sponsor Company with 150 employees that performs specialized medical testing talks about changes the Company made in selecting a new Record Keeper. The ...

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Is Your Plan Advisor a Fiduciary?

plan fiduciary

Plan fiduciaries have a duty to prudently select and monitor their plan advisor just as with their record keeper, TPA and investments. With the new DOL conflict of interest ...

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It’s Audit Season for DC Plans – Choose Wisely

Fred’s Take: With audit season upon us, we decided to republish an article on selecting your 401k plan’s auditor. Many companies mistakenly think that all CPAs have the experience ...

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Before You Hire Your Payroll Vendor, Consider…

Payroll provider

Noted ERISA attorney Ary Rosenbaum lays out arguments why 401k plan sponsors should be careful about hiring their payroll vendor to also administer their 401k plan. It should be ...

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