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Arguably the most important decision that an employer can make when managing their companies Defined Contribution (DC) plan like 401(k)s is picking the right partner. These partners can include a financial advisor who acts like the company’s doctor, the record keeper and Third Party Administrator (TPA) as well as the money managers. Outsourcing fiduciary liability is a main motivation but the selection and monitoring of partners are inherently fiduciary functions.

401kTV Editors will help employers make better decisions on how to select the right partners through our series of articles, videos and white papers as well as 401kTV’s Advisor Directory.


Before You Hire Your Payroll Vendor, Consider…

Payroll provider

Noted ERISA attorney Ary Rosenbaum lays out arguments why 401k plan sponsors should be careful about hiring their payroll vendor to also administer their 401k plan. It should be ...

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Retirement Plans Impact on Mergers and Acquisitions

Engaging 401k Participants

  With interest rates low, mergers and acquisition activity is brisk even for smaller and middle market companies. Sometimes overlooked in the mergers and acquisitions process are the retirement plans ...

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Changing DC Record Keeper Can Refresh Your Plan

Changing DC Record Keeper

Changing DC Record Keeper   At a TPSU program held at Marquette University, the HR manager of a 100-person company describes how company approached changing DC record keeper gave them ...

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How Much Should You Pay Your Plan Advisor?

Plan Advisor Fees

What should you expect from your defined contribution (DC) plan advisor and how much should you pay? Seems like simple questions but they are not. And get it wrong ...

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Fees a Major Focus for DC Plan Sponsors


DC Plan Sponsors Are Focusing on Fees Fees are front and center for sponsors of defined contribution (DC) plans like 401ks and 403bs according to a survey from Cogent ...

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What to Expect from a Plan Advisor

plan advisor

Most companies with 50-10,000 employees hire a financial advisor to help with their defined contribution (DC) plan but few know what to expect or how to hire the right ...

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401k Revenue Sharing Schemes Front and Center

revenue sharing

Fees continue to be an issue for 401k plans with the latest Wall Street Journal article (subscription required) citing plans by larger companies to move away from revenue sharing. ...

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How to Select Qualified TPAs and When to Use Them

Qualified TPAs

Working with local, qualified TPAs (third party administrators) has become the most popular service model for smaller defined contribution (DC) plans but not all TPAs are created equally with ...

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