Prop Funds in larger plans

Needle in Haystack

Twenty years ago it was hard-to-impossible to force a record keeper that also managed money to offer outside (non- prop funds) investments. The feeling is that we are now ...

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Top 10 Pitfalls of a Defined Contribution Plan

Hidden Danger

Your DC (defined contribution) can be like your car: when it’s running smoothly, it seems easy to run and own. But when they break down or if you neglect ...

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Impact of Higher Interest Rates on Retirement Plans

Janet Yellen

Though the Federal Reserve Bank only slightly raised interest rates, higher rates could significantly affect companies sponsoring a retirement plan as well as their employees participating. But the new ...

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Customize Your Advisor RFP!

New DOL Fiduciary Rule

Fred’s Take: No doubt that employers sponsoring a defined contribution (DC) plan like a 401(k) or 403(b) should be benchmarking their advisors annually and conducting full RFPs at least ...

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DCIIA Retirement Income White Paper

DCIIA White Paper

In a thoughtful and comprehensive white paper, DCIIA (Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association) offers a roadmap and helpful case studies for plans thinking about offering retirement income products. In ...

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FAQs by the Investment Company Institute Update


The Investment Company Institute (ICI) provides valuable resources for employers sponsoring a retirement plan like 401(k)s. They recently updated their frequently asked question (FAQ) section which, while basic, can ...

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Low Cost Vanguard Sued for Excessive Fees


When you think about Vanguard, the first thought that comes to mind is low cost index funds. So how can a group of participants at a $5 billion plan ...

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DOL Set to Focus on Fee Equalization?

Equal distribution

What’s next for the DOL when it starts investigating defined contribution (DC) plans? According to an advisor in Troy Michigan, it could be participant fee equalization. In 2014, the ...

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