Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans Shouldn’t Suck

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans Shouldn’t Suck. When you read as much retirement industry research as we do, you begin to notice patterns. Lately, we’ve been reading a lot about what employees ...

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Payroll Integration Essential for Auto Enrollment

Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration Essential for Auto-Enrollment. At a TPSU Program held at Randolph-Macon College in the Richmond VA area, the HR director at a small 401k plan explains how payroll ...

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Participant Education: Sponsors’ Number One Priority

Participant Education 401k

  Participant Education: Sponsors’ Number One Priority. Retirement plan sponsors’ top priority is participant education. So says a recent survey from OneAmerica, which polled 1,019 sponsors over a three-month period ...

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Auto Enrollment: More Savings and More Debt?


Auto Enrollment: More Savings, and More Debt? We know that automatic enrollment helps significantly boost retirement savings. What might come as a surprise, though, is that it may also cause ...

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Retirement Plan Education – It’s Time to Get Personal

Retirement Planning Education

Retirement Plan Education: It’s Time to Get Personal. For employee training to be impactful, it must be personalized to the learner. If the topics and presentation don’t resonate, the material ...

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Fiduciary Protection – Governance is Nothing Without Action

Fiduciary Protection

Fiduciary Protection: Governance is Nothing Without Action. The CPA Journal recently published an article titled “Plan Governance Protects CFOs and HR Managers from Fiduciary Liability.” Technically, it isn’t wrong. Yes, ...

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