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Plan Investment Fees: Cheap Isn’t Always Best

Plan Investment Fees

Plan Investment Fees: Cheap Isn’t Always Best. “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” Investing guru Warren Buffett coined this famous phrase, and it applies to a ...

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Communications Conundrum? Try Video

Communications Conundrum? Try Video. A majority of retirement plan sponsors recognize how an effective education and communications program can help positively impact workers’ savings behaviors and improve retirement outcomes. ...

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401k Participation Should be an Easy Decision

401k Participation - Steff Chalk 401ktv

401k Participation Should be an Easy Decision. All 401k plan eligible employees face an important decision, should I participate in the 401k plan or not?  Even with Auto-enrollment there is ...

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NEPC: Plan Fees Flat, But Buyer Beware. 

NEPC: Plan Fees

NEPC: Plan Fees Flat, But Buyer Beware. For the past seven years, defined contribution (DC) plan recordkeeping, trust and custody fees have been declining steadily year over year. That is, ...

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IPS Investment Policy Statement gaps

DOES YOUR IPS (INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENT) HAVE GAPS? ASK THE LAWYER # 3 by Carol Buckmann A 2017 Callan Survey reports that 90.9% of defined contribution plans have investment policy ...

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Retirement Plan Committees Communication – Vlog

Retirement Plan Committee Communication

Retirement Plan Committees take Notice of Communication Best Practices.  The role of Retirement Plan Trustee or Plan Fiduciary comes with significant responsibility.  Plan Fiduciaries need to be aware of ...

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Custom TDFs (Target Date Funds): A “Better” Option?

custom tdfs target date funds

Custom TDFs (Target Date Funds): A “Better” Option? TDFs are among the most popular investment options offered by a majority of defined contribution (DC) retirement plans today. According to a ...

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