Who are the Most Generous DC Plan Sponsors?


Which industries offer the most and least generous benefits focused on DC (defined contribution) plans? An industry market researcher looked at various plan designs to come up with a ...

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Retirement Income: A Problem Awaiting a Solution

retirement crown

Defined Contribution (DC) plans like 401(k)s and 403(b)s have passed the retirement decisions and liability onto employees. And while the “ideal plan” offers an opportunity for workers to solve ...

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Select Stable Value: Now is the time to Consider the Options

Safe Haven

Employers who sponsor a Tax-qualified Retirement Plan and their corresponding Retirement Plan Participants share much more than a common interest in plan investments and the anticipated return for a ...

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Loans Working for Texas Manufacturer

Angela Lenzy

    Many experts warn against even offering loans in defined contribution plans but not Angela Lenzey, an HR professional at a mid-size manufacturer in the Houston area who ...

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Callan 2016 Trends Survey – Fees, Funds and Fiduciary

What’s on the minds of larger defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors? According to a recently released Callan study conducted in late 2016 with almost 150 employers, fees, investments and ...

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Advisor Benchmarking v. RFP

Advisor RFP Process

By Arianna Amplo, Co-Founder, Inhub   There is a big debate over whether a plan sponsor should benchmark their plan advisor or do a formal RFP. The answer is ...

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